Stoke Mandeville

Gym Refurbishment

17/05/2019 13:43:02
In the week commencing June 3rd, 2019, we will be carrying out a full gym refurbishment that will require the gym to be closed for at least 48 hours or more and will involve the following improvements:

  • Replacement of all current resistance machines and free-weight racks.
  • Extension of free weights area to increase the equipment offering as well as to allow more room for movement
  • Reduction in the total amount of machines on the gym floor to allow for more space in between the machines (keeping in mind that we currently have several equipment pieces that work the same muscle group)
  • Use of total access range from Cybex to increase the amount of inclusive kit 
  • Addition of two new bikes to help with current demand at peak times
  • Updating of rowing machines
We appreciate that you may have some questions or concerns, so don't hesitate to get in contact via email at or just stop by reception to speak with our gym team!
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