Stoke Mandeville Stadium is synonymous with sport and is the birthplace of disability sports, known as the 

"Birthplace of the Paralympics".



With its fully accessible on-site accommodation and catering, it is the perfect venue for a training camp or event in an excellent variety of Olympic, Paralympic and other sports.



British Wheelchair Athletics Association

British Wheelchair Archery Association

GB Disability Target Shooting (rifle and pistol)

Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby

Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball 

Help For Heroes Archery

Bucks Vision Goalball Club

Blind Sports Association Archery

England Powered Wheelchair Football

British Disability Cue Sports 





 Aylesbury Aces Wheelchair Basketball Club - Website  Facebook


Stoke Mandeville Maulers Wheelchair Rugby Club - Facebook


Disability Handcycling Club - Facebook


Aylesbury Area Disable Club - Website


We have fully accessible on site accommodation, tennis courts, sports halls, viewing galleries and an athletics track and field.
We have a pool hoist and a pool pod for access to our swimming pool. 

For any enquiries about disability sports provisions at Stoke Mandeville Stadium,
please contact Livv Sklenar, our Sport and Disability Development Manager at: 



WheelPower promotes equality of opportunity in sport for all people with physical disabilities by:


    • Organising fun, introductory and competitive events for children and adults with disabilities aiming to increase the number of disabled people who actively participate in sports and physical activity on a regular basis


    • Provide sporting experiences where talented young disabled people are offered quality coaching in appropriate settings


    • Providing world leading facilities and opportunities to enable more people with disabilities to lead an active lifestyle


    • Supporting disability sports associations helping to create new clubs and give professional advice and support to improve existing clubs


    • Encourage and support the development of multi-sport and sport specific club opportunities within local communities


    • Support for national disability sports events


    • Removing barriers to participation in sport in particular the provision of manual sports wheelchairs through the Wheel Appeal scheme


    • Encouraging mainstream sports and leisure organisations to include people with disabilities in their programmes


    • Developing and delivering educational courses for people with disabilities and in disability sport through SMISE to improve the quality and number of coaches, officials and volunteers within disability sport


    • Providing information and advice on disability sport


    • Work closely with the National Sports Organisations and other National Disability Sports Organisations to support their work in disability sport


    • Create working partnerships with organisations involved in sports within the UK working towards shared and specific objectives including Governing Bodies of Sport