Safety and Security

Safety is one of our key priorities and we want to ensure that your visit will be a safe and secure one.
We have robust systems and processes to ensure that safety controls are in place and inspect the facilities daily to identify any issues.
We will aim to keep all breakdown and failure times to a minimum.


We aim to provide a Centre that is a clean, attractive and pleasant place to visit.
We will ensure that the facilities are tidy, well maintained and will check heavily used areas
such as the changing rooms and toilets regularly.


We will provide a wide range of value for money activities for people of all ages and abilities.
Telephone calls will be answered promptly in a caring and friendly manner.
We will ensure you are served quickly and efficiently by using an easily accessible booking system.
We will provide up to date and accurate information regarding opening times, our programme of activities and current charges.
Our website will be kept up to date and we will utilise social media to keep you informed.


Our staff will be clearly identifiable by wearing appropriate uniform and name badges.
They will be friendly, professional and adequately qualified to help you get the most enjoyment and benefit from your visit.
We will train new and existing staff in customer care standards on a regular basis.


We welcome suggestions on the quality and effectiveness of our service in order to help us continually
enhance and improve the service we provide. A Duty Manager is available during public opening times
to deal with all queries and matters of concern to our customers. We will provide customer comment forms for
customers to complete and will respond within 10 working days.
You are also welcome to make suggestions via our website and our social media pages.
We will also actively seek feedback by the use of surveys.

If you have any immediate concerns or suggestions during your visit, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of the team.