You Said, We Did

Events: Good Morning, We hosted an event on Saturday at the Stadium. The venue was fantastic and all competitors had a wonderful time – so thank you for your hospitality. Many thanks for your feedback.

Gym: Please fix the ‘Leg Extension’ machine in the gym, preferably this week as it is a vital piece of equipment. We have to follow company guidelines with regards to repairs to ensure that they are done safely and to the correct standard. Approval on a few levels has to happen depending on the type of repair work being done. Today we have had all the pads re-upholstered in the gym. The assisted chin up machine has been partially functioning due to being told that it could not be fixed by two companies, but we were told to keep it as an unassisted chin up/dip. After enquiring further we have found a company that can fix it. We followed the process, raised a pro forma invoice etc. the gentleman came out to fix it a month ago but had brought the wrong part with him as he had ordered the wrong one. The little things that stop working on machines are usually fixed within 3 working days, it is when new parts need to be ordered I it goes more into the week to 2 weeks long time frame. I can safely say that the staff do care about equipment and our members, however some things are out of our control when it comes to things breaking and being fixed.

Changing Rooms: The changing rooms so dirty!!! Should be clean for members of the public and clubs. We have a daily cleaning schedule in place and a cleaning contractor team that also clean these changing rooms.

Reception: I had a badminton court booked last Tuesday and since then I’ve called about ten times and each time I’ve been on hold for about 3 minutes and I haven’t got time to be on hold for that long…. The customer was contacted directly and the reception team reminded to ensure the telephones are picked up as much as possible.

Lodge: Very dirty and outdated rooms. Reception staff had no idea about any questions I asked, even as simple as “where do I go for breakfast”, the most basic information he should have known, answer was “errrrrr I think in the stadium, but not sure, start there in the morning first” Yep, that was his answer !!! Most basic room I have every seen. Lucky all I wanted was a place to sleep for two nights as that is all I got ! Travel Lodge next time, and they would have been cheaper, and I’m sure they would have known where I could get my breakfast and the times ! Over the past year we have begun improvements and replacements in rooms, this is an ongoing process. Regarding the cleanliness of the rooms we do our upmost to ensure the rooms are clean and ready for use, if you are able to supply your room number and date of stay I can investigate further. Breakfast times do vary dependent on the day as well as the guest type. We look after associations, so group bookings. Their breakfast set up would be completely different to an external customers. Never the less the reception team should be aware of time and place for both. My apologies this information was not provided at check in.

Café: Customer arrived at 07:50 rang the bell and hung around the café waiting to be served. 10 minutes later no one came out so he left to go to work. A refund was provided for the guest of £6.95, we will make sure the bell is working properly in case that was the source of the problem.

Events: Can I just say, Thank you for all you and your workers do for us, it’s very much appreciated, my group wouldn’t be the where it is today without you lot & thank you for always accommodating us somewhere else when we can have our room, YOUR THE BEST!!!


October 2016