Notice to Members – Gym Development Update

Present Developments

  • Gym floor
  • Upholstery
  • Temporary new layout
  • Spin/stretch room re painted

As you may have noticed the flooring of the gym free weights area has been upgraded and extended still some finer touches to be completed i.e bolting down the larger machines which will bring into action the cable system that is currently out of order. We have also recently had all the upholstery padding of the machines replaced which gives the current equipment a bit of a face lift.

You now are all benefitting from a new spacious layout of the cardio and resistance areas. That’s not the end of it though we have more to come……

Future Developments

  • Upgraded Spin room
  • New TRK system/equipment
  • New resistance equipment
  • New accessible equipment
  • Additional stretch/abs area

Our aim over the next 3 months is to upgrade the spin room with new matting and add a TRK system, replace a majority of the current resistance equipment (yes this means a new assisted chin up/dips machine) to the latest models, increase our accessible equipment range so we can cater for more physically challenged customers and add an additional stretch/abs area.

We will keep you updated as they happen and hope you all welcome the upcoming changes. Any feedback please go through our website.

Wayne Davies
General Manager