Monitor your heartrate & challenge your friends based on effort not fitness

Since introducing MYZONE last year Stoke Mandeville Stadium has witnessed some great stories as a result of the innovative fitness monitoring scheme – one in particular is Mark Willis.

Having been diagnosed with Diabetes last February Mark increased his fitness programme and as a result discovered he had clots on his lungs, which lead to a new prescription of medication and the requirement of even more exercise and lead Mark to join Stoke Mandeville Stadium last April.

With the help of the stadiums Gavin Ebeling, Disability Referral Co-ordinator, and MYZONE, which aims to ‘make movement measurable’ by monitoring physical activity, Mark was able to see quantifiable results of his progress.

Since using MYZONE Mark’s Diabetes is under control, his blood pressure is moderate and his weight is gradually coming down. As a result, Mark is now training for the 5K Maidenhead Bunny Fun Run this March and is also looking to run the BUPA 10K at the end of May.

Mark with Dan Boniface, Gym Manager and Gavin Ebeling, Disability Referral Co-ordinator

Mark with Mark with Gavin Ebeling, Gym Manager & Disability/GP exercise referral personal trainer

What is MYZONE and how does it work?:

MYZONE is a new innovative heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. It monitors heart rate, intensity, calories and time, which is converted to a MYZONE effort points system (MEPs).

MYZONE users simply wear a comfortable MYZONE Physical Activity Belt (heart rate strap), which is registered online, to monitor all concerted physical activity in real time, allowing users to view their progress in their personal account and enables health club owners to monitor the activities of its members.

MYZONE’s Ant+ technology enables personal health outcomes to be logged to their individual user account through Tanita body composition analysers. A user simply steps on a connected bio-impedance scale and the data is wirelessly and effortlessly sent direct into the users cloud based profile providing traceable and motivating `outcomes’.

MYZONE’s simple colour-coded guidance system provides motivational feedback both inside and outside the four walls of the club. Whilst inside the club the colour coded display shows the effort that each user is training under thus giving easy guidance to the user and the instructor rather than the subjective form of RPE.

MYZONE is the ONLY system in the world that a user can train outside the gym and the device switches to store mode and then when back in the gym it uploads the stored data and then switches over to live streaming without human touch. It also is the only system in the world that pieces that `workout’ together through detailed and intelligent software and distributes an email and online account for the user once again, without human touch.

MZ3 unit now uses Bluetooth to link directly with a smart device via the Myzone App, enabling you to see your training levels and progress at a touch of a button.

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For more information:

Got to the Myzone website, click here (this provides more videos for MYZONE).