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New SMARTBAR™ and SMARTSTEP™ equipment!!



The product of three years of intense customer insight. The best equipment designers in the world focused on creating a barbell that could deliver maximum results.

We watched group exercisers struggling to transition weight plates during tracks. We heard that class participants would be more willing to push up their weights if they could transition up and down more quickly. So we reduced transition times on SMARTBAR™ to almost nothing – plates slide straight on with no need for clips.

We observed that standard barbell products were putting unnecessary stress on wrists during clean and press. So we designed SMARTBAR™ with rotating ends to relieve this stress. And the rotation also improves form and aids muscle isolation.

We listened to our customers who complained that the traditional handheld weights put stress on the hands and wrists instead of the target muscle groups. But now SMARTBAR™ plates are ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand – making it possible to target muscle groups that are ignored by ordinary barbells. The comfortable grip even allows users to hold two plates in hand comfortably. Now users can get quicker results by adding 1kg increments to their handheld weight exercises.


We did extensive research in how steps are used as well as competitive analysis of step products currently available.

From this research, we identified key issues with the step products in the market and completely reimagined the step from the ground up. The result is SMARTSTEP™. A truly 21st century step that both addresses the key needs of gym owners and empowers class participants to get better results from the same workout.

Users complained about the unstable surface of many traditional steps. The risers did not lock into the deck and the step would slide on the floor. So we created SMARTSTEP™ to be strong and stable, with risers that lock securely into place and do not slip on the floor. Users can leap on it with confidence – enabling them to focus on getting the most out of each move.

To help minimise transition time, SMARTSTEP™ risers lock into the deck so that you can pick the unit up in one piece. And SMARTSTEP™ is the only step with soft edges and contoured sides, making it both easier and more comfortable to carry.

With SMARTSTEP™, users can focus on their workout and not have to think about their equipment.

And it’s great for space conscious gym- owners too – using 20% less storage space and nesting to remove the need for storage racks.


The aerobic step hasn’t changed much since the 80’s. But now, we use it in so many ways never dreamed of before.