Disability Gymnastics

Nursery and pre-school classes for children with special needs and disabilities

Come and join our gymnastic activity groups for mothers and toddlers

Who we are

Little Links is run by Anita Templar. Originally qualified as a gymnastic/athletic coach and school PE teacher, her teaching experience lead her to work with children, able and disabled. Following many years of offering remedial encouragement to disabled children, it was through parental pressure she realised the need for a specialised club; so
founded, Horizon Sports Club for children with disabilities in 1997.

Her part retirement means she can now offer dedicated help and encouragement to pre-school toddlers with disabilities, linking with their mothers, families and friends.

What we do

‘Little Links’ introduces parents of children with special needs and disabilities to the art of enjoying play with their little ones through remedial and professional development classes.

Under the guidance and supervision of a qualified remedial class instructor, children and parents will be encouraged to play, socially interact, and help develop their children’s individual specific skills.


  • Children from 18 months to 5 years old
  • Maximum of 10 children per class.
  • Duration of class 1 hour from 1pm
  • Location: Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Aylesbury
  • Classes will start when 10 children are registered for a 6 week trial course from Wednesday 13th September, 2017

Contact us

For further enquiries (information) and registration please contact: Anita Templar 01844 345432

“ The importance of early intervention with activity and sport for younger children is so beneficial. I have seen such growth in development and confidence in my son that it gives me confidence for him for the future, irrelevant his disability “ Ruth G

“ My nephew, with global delay, benefitted tremendously from his early classes, aiding co-ordination, social skills and confidence at school and play. Parent & family links with others are also important “ Margaret C