WheelPower & Member Sports

WheelPower is the national organisation and charity for British Wheelchair Sport. Sport is the medium by which WheelPower help people with disabilities improve their quality of life. Often at a time when there are many negative things in a person’s life, sport is a real positive.

WheelPower – British Wheelchair Sport

Each year approximately 1,000 men, women and children become paralysed due to an accident or illness. Through sport these people whose lives have been traumatically changed, can have an outlet for their frustrations and energy.

By focusing on something they can do, and potentially can excel in, increased confidence and a positive outlook can be achieved and this can influence other areas of their lives. WheelPower provides accessible facilities at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium, the “home of Wheelchair Sport” including an Athletics Arena, Sports Hall, Indoor Bowls Centre, Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre.

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